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Clinical Trails Software to identify qualified patients

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If your clinical trial is experiencing slow enrollment, we can help you …

Here’s how.

We will take your “qualitative” eligibility statement and make it “quantitative” … in short, we reduce it into a series of SQL statements that a computer can easily munch on. Then, we apply it against patient medical records in CDA format.

Qualified patients are immediately identified. Then, you and the doctor “consent” them.

This method works like magic … if you have access to patient medical records.

Take a minute and think of all that data sitting in doctor’s offices nicely packaged in their EHR … doctors want you to WIN because they realize that medical innovations start with clinical trials … they want to work with you.

So … you and the doctor bring the data … and we will shake it loose for you.

If you would like to get started … here’s the plan.

  • Examine your eligibility statement. It must contain references to any of the following:
    patient demographics, medication, allergies, diagnoses, problems, lab results, devices, vitals.
  • Add Clinical Trial Software to your cart. The $995 cost is a pittance when compared to results.
  • It will take ten business days to create your SQL query, and setup your access portal. During this time, you must identify your patient datasets.
  • Schedule your training date.
  • Shake your data for the next 30 days. If this tool delivers for you, and it will … then subscribe to our monthly service

That’s it.

Questions …

How long can we “shake our data”? The Setup Package includes 30 days of portal access.

Why are we charged up front? It takes an inordinate amount of time to program the SQL query, and that coding is specifically designed for your clinical trial. We are only charging for programming time.

Where is the access portal and who pays for it? You will be using AWS, Amazon Web Services. The first 30 days are covered in your Setup Package. If you continue with our service, AWS will bill you about $10 per month.

What if this does not work? There are only two ways that this cannot work. One, if doctors will not let you sniff their data. Two, if the doctor’s CDAs are syntactically flawed. In the first case, their data will never leave their office, and the query can be run under their watchful eye. Of course, a little incentive money can also grease the wheel. In the second case, we will introduce you to an awesome feature of Stage 3 Meaningful Use that will address errant CDAs. Please note that we can also use CCRs or Excel data as input.

If you have more questions, please email us at

Let us “shake your data”.

~Lauretta Carroll
The A Team