For 34 years, a group of engineers from Caltech, MIT, Stanford, and Cornell have developed and refined an extraordinary product based on feedback of physicians nationwide. They have never advertised, but have sold their software to physicians, dentist and chiropractors, and have attained a level of performance unparalleled by others in the industry.

We have real solutions for real problems. Let us share a few with you.

Clinicians – Practice Management made easy,

Patients & Parents – We manage your entire family’s healthcare records.

Clinical Trials – We will help you with slow enrollment.

Safety Tools – Here’s a tool that will reveal your “real” data.

Lawyers – We will help you find medical errors.

Products – We have a series of products that clinicians trust and truly enjoy.


Practice Today (Patient Edition)

Little Girl #1

“Here’s a little mommy & daddy quiz. It’s only 10 questions, and it shouldn’t take you more than a few minutes. Please take the quiz. Do it for me because I know you love me very much. And I love you too.”

Mommy & Daddy Parenting Quiz

1. Your child is missing. You must contact the police. Produce a complete Child Information Record to aid the police in finding your child. Do this in 3 minutes or less.

2. You have a newborn. At what age should your newborn receive each of the following vaccines: DTaP, MMR, Hepatitis B? What are the risks from each of the vaccines?

3. Your ten-month old baby weighs 17 pounds. Is your baby ahead, behind or in the middle? Produce a growth chart with percentiles to support your claim.

4. Produce a copy of your child’s complete immunization record, birth certificate, all reports cards received, and audio file containing “first words ever spoken” in three minutes or less.
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Your CDA is empty!

I had an interesting encounter with some data this morning. As you know, I have been obsessed with the <entry> component of the CDA. Well, I found a screaming example of why interoperability is having such a difficult time here in America. Consider an example CDA taken from here. Here’s the CDA <text> component. Remember, …


This tool will display the data <entry> portion of your CDA.

Click here to try it out.

Rules: You can only use this tool with de-personalized CDAs. But we have a personal desktop version you can use anyway you like, click here.

Questions and Answers ….

Q: How does this tool work?
You upload your CDA. Make sure it contains no personal information, like your name and address. We process the file. Then, we show you the contents of the <entry> components of your CDA. That’s where the data is stored. We show only the non-narrative components in a friendly format.

Q: What’s a CDA?
CDA stands for Clinical Document Architecture. It is a format clinicians use to share healthcare information. Here is a sample CDA for an imaginary patient. What you see is called the <Text> component, or the “human readable” part. This is not the data that will be imported into the receiving party’s computer.

Here’s a “human readable” snippet from a CDA.


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Go as a group“If you want to go fast, go alone … if you want to go far, find a group.”

For the past 34 years, Practice Today has been traveling alone. Since 1983, our small company has only had one or two employees. However, we have assisted over two thousand practices with their software needs. One client has been with us for over 27 years.

We code almost everything ourselves, right here in the USA. We have managed to create an impressive piece of intellectual property. When you compare the depth and breath of our Practice Management software, you might think is was developed within a sizable corporation. It was not.

Practice Today would now like to go “far”, but for that we need a group. The culture of our small company requires that we not befriend just any group. We are looking for like minded people that believe in our mission, and who are willing to help us get there. We want a group of people who are willing to put their money where their mouth is.

We want a Board of Clinicians that will help us think, and plan for a disruptive innovation in healthcare informatics. We need input from clinicians who think outside of the box. You must tell us when your workflow requires too many clicks. You must tell us how to make your life easier.

We are going to create a Board in a new way. Most positions on corporate boards are by invitation. They usually come with a generous salary, considering the amount of time and effort involved. Our board will be different. Our Board members must pay to play. They must promise to play long and hard. That’s our culture.

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