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It is all about the numbers.

Your clipboard is costing you TWICE its weight in GOLD.

Offering your patients a clipboard or an electronic tablet requires a human “assist”. A person sitting behind the counter must at least hand the patient the clipboard or tablet and retrieve it when done.

The information does not leap into the computer on its own!

The following simple tasks take about five minutes:

Print the form.

Load the clipboard.

Hand the clipboard to the patient.

Retrieve the clipboard from the patient, type the new information into your EHR or scan it.

An electronic tablet takes a similar amount of time. A clipboard requires at least five minutes of time from a human being.

Let us say you are paying the front desk person $20 per hour. Five minutes at $20 per hour costs you about $1.67 for each patient encounter.

If you see 40 patients per day, that task would total around $67 per day.

Multiply this by five days per week, and fifty-two weeks per year.

The simple task of using a clipboard or tablet to collect patient information is costing you $17,420 per year. Let me repeat that, $17,420 per year. This is just your staff’s time. It does not include the cost of the electronic tablets, paper, printer ink, pens, and clipboards.

The numbers are simple.

There is a better way. A way that will put thousands of dollars back in your pocket and will cost you next to nothing!

You need an electronic, HIPAA compliant mailbox. Let’s call it a DestinationID. This mailbox will accept your patient’s electronic in-take forms. It’s just like an electronic clipboard.

You tell your patients your DestinationID. They download the FREE app that will allow them to gather their personal information. Then they can submit electronic forms to your DestinationID whenever they need to. They can submit forms from their cell phone or laptop. Their information gets to you without anyone touching pen, paper, or clipboard. It’s check-in with zero effort. Your patients will appreciate not having to manually complete another repetitive form.

What’s the return on your investment?

For $199 per month, you can save $17,420 per year. The savings to you is $15,032 per year. If all your patients use your DestinationID, that’s a return on investment of 629%. If only SIX patients per day use your DestinationID, you break even. Every additional patient is pure profit.

How do we get your patients to use your DestinationID? We have prepared three videos for your patients to encourage them to use your DestinationID.

Easy. It saves them both TIME and MONEY. It eliminates a boring and repetitive task. They only have to enter their information once into the FREE software. Then, their information is ready to send to any medical facility. It’s just a few clicks away.

Our website has videos to encourage their participation.

Try us for one month and see. We will help you get your patients on board. We will provide you with a three-step Action Plan to encourage your patients to go electronic. They hate the clipboard too. Let us help you help them help you.

Get Started NOW

Oh yes … remember we told you we could PROVE your clipboard cost TWICE its weight in GOLD? Here’s the proof.

A clipboard weighs about five ounces.

The price for an ounce of gold in July of 2020 was $1,784.

So, a five-ounce golden clipboard was worth $8,920.

The staff time needed to service the clipboard costs you $17,420.

That’s TWICE as much as the value of a five-ounce golden clipboard.

In other words, you are paying TWICE the clipboard’s weight in GOLD just to use it. And you are doing this every year.

Practice Today (Professional)

Shared almost free of charge with our community of medical students, residents and postdocs, Practice Today (Pro) is full-featured practice management software capable of running all aspects of any medical office. Each user has their own personal practice management system running on their own personal computer or cloud space.

Scheduling, billing, medical records, labs … if it is done in a medical practice, you can manage it with Practice Today (Pro). You should never again craft a medical note by hand, nor fax a medical record across town.

Nothing is left out, nor held back. There are ZERO ads. There are only three restrictions. You can only enter 1,000 patients, ePrescribing is disabled, and the free version is strictly single user. If you ever bump up against that ceiling, require ePrescribing or multi-user connectivity, don’t worry. We have a solution to accommodate any budget.

With one simple download, you will be able to enjoy practice management software designed by people just like you, for people just like you.

We believe our software is much like a Tesla, simply awesome. Or a Benz, if that’s how you roll. We also believe that if you were invited to this webpage, you only have a “learner’s permit” and nothing to drive, so to speak. We have a plan to help you through that learning curve.

We want you to be happy, and we want our software to deliver everything you imagine a Tesla to be … a joyful machine that puts hours of pleasure back into your day.

This can only happen with the proper training. We will help you through your learning curve. We will show you how to truly reduce your workload, and how to stay safe on the healthcare highway.

Who Chooses Practice Today (Pro)?

Medical students, residents, and postdocs who are simply fed-up with the epic overreach of under-performing gargantuan software. Try us. You will like us. Why? Because we listen well, and we have the tools to turn your thoughts into practice. We have been doing this for decades.

Practice Today (Pro) is also the perfect start for a virtual practice. If you like us, you will stay with us. If you don’t, then you have protected your investment (and yes … every keystroke is an investment) because ALL of your data is openly accessible to port anywhere you choose. That’s how we roll. Frank, friendly, and truthful upfront.

We will work to be your best friend in business. And yes, you are in business whether you know it or not. What’s your product? Your time and your energy. You are in the business of NOT wasting either. We will help you carefully manage both and use in a manner that pleases your heart.

Welcome aboard … and let’s get started … contact us NOW.

Practice Today (Personal)

Let me introduce Practice Today (Personal) by asking you TEN quick “yes/no” questions. Your answers will reveal whether or not our software could be useful to you.

1. Your child is missing. You must contact the police. Can you produce a complete “Child ID Record” in 3 minutes or less?

2. You have a newborn. Do you know at what age your newborn should receive each of the following vaccines: DTaP, MMR, Hepatitis B?

Yes           No

3. Your ten-month old baby weighs 17 pounds. Can you produce a growth chart that indicates if your child is ahead, behind or in the middle of the growth curve in three minutes or less?

Yes           No

4. Can you produce a copy of your child’s complete immunization record, birth certificate, all reports cards received, and audio file containing “first words ever spoken” in three minutes or less?

Yes            No

5. Do you know the date of your child’s last doctor’s appointment, and do you remember what was discussed?

Yes            No

6. Can you list ten developmental tasks every 18-23 month old baby should be able to do?

Yes            No

7. Do you know how many hours your child exercised last month, and how many hours he/she spent watching TV?

Yes            No

8. Can you list all books your child read for enrichment in the last six months?

Yes            No

9. Can you list all medications your child has taken in the last year?

Yes            No

10. A hurricane is imminent. You must vacate your home immediately. Do you have a plan?

Yes            No

If you scored LESS than 10 points, you need Practice Today (Personal) immediately! It will help you perform every task in seconds!

Created in response to recent natural disasters, Practice Today (Personal) has evolved into an innovative software program designed to digitally track the personal records for both you and your family members.

Practice Today (Personal) makes being a responsible parent easier. Your child should be 100% up to date with his/her vaccinations. No mistakes. With Practice Today (Personal), you’ll know exactly when the CDC recommends a vaccine. You can even print a current Vaccine Information Statement BEFORE your next pediatrician visit!

You can document vital information about medications, illnesses and allergies with ease. You can even keep track of school records!

Practice Today (Personal) helps you keep track of the following for both you and your family:

  • Medical History- doctors, dentists, immunizations, allergies, medicine, illness, surgery;
  • Insurance records- policy information, claims, appeals;
  • Healthy Living- exercise, nutrition, activity schedules;
  • School records- teachers, grades, awards, scholarships, class photos;
  • Appointments- Never miss a doctor visit or Parent-Teacher conference again!
  • Scan important documents, certificates or awards and keep them for life.

You can get started on being the best parent you can be right now by clicking here.

Clinical Trials

Clinical trials have been experiencing slow enrollment for years. It has been found that:

  • less than 4% of cancer patients enroll in trials each year;
  • less than 20% of trials actually meet their original enrollment timelines;
  • nearly 1/3 of trial budgets are spent on recruitment.

This should not be the case. We have TWO simple plans that can fix this.


Patients are becoming increasingly savvy with their medical decisions and medical records. Practice Today offers a Personal Edition where the patient can easily manage their medical records. It is very similar to our Professional Edition that physicians have been using for decades. Both editions include a Clinical Trials database for easy access.

Here is our FIVE part solution to address slow enrollment, solved from the PATIENT perspective:

1. There is a BIG problem with clinical trials descriptions. They are all written in “doctor speak”. How can a patient reach out to you if they can’t understand the nature of your research? Listen to what one patient has to say:

Do you have a “Lay Language” description for your clinical trial, maybe three or four paragraphs describing what you do? We will include it in our database for easy access by patients that use our software to manage their personal healthcare data. We can also include a Spanish translation. If you don’t have time for this task, we have a wordsmith that can do it for you.

2. Create a video where you actually TALK to the patient about your clinical trial, and provide us a link.  You can provide two video links if you wish, one in English, another in Spanish. We will display the link near your Lay Language description so the patient can easily click on it to hear your presentation. Remember, even though the patient is ill, he/she must still be “sold” on your research idea.

3. You can make sure your Clinical Trial listing floats to the top of all “Keyword” searches. For example, if the patient searched for all “diabetes” trials in Los Angeles, California, a list of 29 trials will be found. You want your trial to be at the TOP of that list, and highlighted in COLOR, much like the screenshot below.

Remember, our keyword listing order is determined by the order that you come onboard with our services. So, it is best to signup now, rather than later.

4. Provide a list of diagnosis codes and/or Snomed codes that best define your research interest. Think about it. If the patient has a rare disease, or a disease that has a name that is difficult to spell, the patient may never find you with a keyword search. A diagnosis or Snomed search is so simple. And YES, patients are familiar with ICD-10 and Snomed codes, because both databases are included in our Practice Today (Personal Edition) software.

5. Our software enables the patient to upload their medical record to your secure website. This is done using a format that is completely interoperable within the Practice Today platform.

Here is a 3-minute video that demonstrates Plan “A”.

You can get started with Plan “A” right now by following these four steps:

1. Purchase Plan “A” by clicking here. Purchase details are here.

2. If you want us to prepare the Lay Language descriptions for you, purchase the Plan “A” Supplement by clicking here.

3. If you need time to prepare your Lay Language descriptions or video, we can hold your place in line with a small deposit by clicking here.

4. Complete our fill-able Intake Form by clicking here.
(If the form does not appear fill-able, you should save it on your local drive, then open it with Adobe Reader.)

5. We will send you a “preview download” link within a few days. Download Practice Today, install the software, and review your submission.

We hope we have provided enough information about Plan “A” such that you can make an informed decision. But, if you have any questions, please call us at (888) 881-0038. Our product is our passion.


Here is our solution to address slow enrollment, solved from the PROVIDER perspective:

You need qualified patients. This is how we can help you find them.

Patients are seen by doctors.

Doctors keep detailed medical records. They have huge silos of patient data. This data is highly coveted, and seldom shared. However, doctors are free to share “de-identified” patient data.

“De-identified” patient data … that’s the key. Even NISTIR says that’s ok. They say so right here.

So, here’s the plan. We ask clinicians for de-identified patient records. We have a tool to easily perform this task for them.

Then, we scan the data for patients that meet your eligibility requirements, and we produce a list. We contact the clinician with our list, she re-identifies the patients using her “Re-Identify Key Report”, and decides if your trial is a good fit.

You now have genuinely eligible patients and a primary care doctor on board. This is how it should be done. This is so much better than trying to use “social media”, TV commercials, print ads, or surveys.

Let me demonstrate how this works.

The clinician is probably using medical software that is Meaningful Use Stage 2 certified. If so, she can easily prepare a CDA for every patient. CDA stands for Clinical Document Architecture. It’s the format clinicians use to share healthcare information. If the clinician is not using MU2 software, don’t worry, we can handle that too.

So now there’s a folder full of CDA’s. But you can’t touch it. You provide the doctor with our software tool called “Practice Today CDA Transformer”. Super easy to use. Just point and click. That’s all.

CDA Transformer

Notice that the doctor can decide what type of data to include.

Presto. Now you have a folder full of de-identified patient records.

Now, we are going to import these records into your Practice Today Clinical Trials Software and prepare your eligibility query.

Here’s a sample eligibility statement from a real Clinical Trial. These are the requirements:

Inclusion Criteria:

– Type 2 diabetes
– Age > 18 years, and at high risk based on any of the following criteria:
– HbA1C > 8.5
– LDL > 130
– BP > 140/90 within the last 6 months

Exclusion Criteria:

– Patients who are pregnant upon entry to the trial
– Unable to communicate in either English or Spanish
– In nursing homes (and therefore unable to attend outpatient visits)

We select our query, and click GO.

Presto, a list of eligible patients.

“What if zero patients are found?” you ask. Good question. We can re-tweak our query. In this example, maybe the clinician does not keep track of whether the patient is in a nursing home. If so, removing it from our query will increase your output.

We can also eyeball the data by opening the data tabs to see what’s there. Perhaps the clinician uses another title for her lab results. Again, we can re-tweak our query, and run again.

The ability to adjust, and re-adjust your query is a powerful tool for finding eligible patient.

So, now we have a truly eligible patient list. We take our list back to the clinician, and she can match up and consent the patients.

You can take it from there.

We can cure your slow enrollment TODAY.

You can get started with Plan “B” right now by following these three steps:

1. Purchase Plan “B” by clicking here.

2. We will send your personalized “download” link within three days. Download Practice Today, and install the software.

3. Make an appointment with our support staff for training. We offer on-line training classes every week.

We hope we have provided enough information about Plan “B” such that you can make an informed decision. But, if you have any questions, please call us at (888) 881-0038. Again, our product is our passion.


Nothing to Download

There is nothing to download. There is nothing to install.

We do it all for you. You just simply point your browser to:

Enter your email and password.

All of your patient submissions and check-ins are available for review.

One more thought … Just because you use the DOCTOR side of our software … does not mean you cannot use the PATIENT side of our software for your personal info. You can download the PATIENT desktop and mobile app by clicking PATIENT on our home page. Show your patients that you “walk the walk”.

If you would like to explore Practice Today (Personal), here is a download link.



Our Team

We are humble, hungry, and REALLY smart.

We pour our souls into just ONE product, Practice Today.

That is our PASSION.

For the past 36 years, we have written medical software for doctors. We have helped scores of offices transition from typewriters and filing cabinets, to the cloud with tablets.

There are TWO reasons we have managed to stay in business for so long, without ever having to advertise:

  • We LISTEN really well.
  • We PROGRAM as if our lives depend on it.

Our tag line is “the passionate pursuit of excellence”. We live it!

In 2018, our team had an epiphany. We decided to change our focus from physicians to patients.

Patients need our help to take charge of their medical records. There is a desperate need for patient centric software that manages every detail that a doctor would manage AND gives the patient complete ownership of that data. Patient “portals” are nice, but you must ask the question “who actually owns the data?”.

Welcome to Practice Today (Personal) and Practice Today (Mobile).

Our team is small and filled with Baby Boomers … really smart Baby Boomers. We are all Caltech graduates, Class of 1977.

This website was prepared to give you enough information to distinguish us and our product from everyone else. Please excuse us if we get long-winded, but we have a lot of information to share, and it just would not fit into a landing webpage.

Lauretta Carroll
Caltech ’77
Cornell ’79

Glenn Wood
Caltech ‘77
Carnegie Mellon 2011

John Epperson
Caltech ‘77