Our Team

We are humble, hungry, and REALLY smart.

We pour our souls into just ONE product with three flavors, Practice Today.

That is our PASSION.

For the past 36 years, we have written medical software for doctors. We have helped scores of offices transition from typewriters and filing cabinets, to the cloud with tablets.

There are TWO reasons we have managed to stay in business for so long, without ever having to advertise:

  • We LISTEN really well.
  • We PROGRAM as if our lives depend on it.

Our tag line is “the passionate pursuit of excellence”. We live it!

In 2018, our team had an epiphany. We decided to change our focus from physicians to patients.

Patients need our help to take charge of their medical records. There is a desperate need for patient centric software that manages every detail that a doctor would manage AND gives the patient complete ownership of that data. Patient “portals” are nice, but you must ask the question “who actually owns the data?”.

Welcome to Practice Today (Personal).

Our team is small and filled with Baby Boomers … really smart Baby Boomers. We are all Caltech graduates, Class of 1977.

This website was prepared to give you enough information to distinguish us and our product from everyone else. Please excuse us if we get long-winded, but we have a lot of information to share, and it just would not fit into a landing webpage.

Lauretta Carroll
Caltech ’77
Cornell ’79

Glenn Wood
Caltech ‘77
Carnegie Mellon 2011

John Epperson
Caltech ‘77

Our Passion

You are MORE than DATA … but you ARE DATA. Watch VIDEO



You, your kids, your parents, your students are all DATA.


Everybody is DATA and everybody collects DATA. Doctors, lawyers, schools, governments, websites. EVERYBODY collects your DATA.

You need a tool that allows you to collect your DATA and your family’s DATA. You can easily manage it and use it when you need it.

That tool is called Practice Today (Personal). Crafting that tool is our PASSION.

When you visit your doctor, instead of filling out a clipboard form from memory, you shoot them your DATA.

If you visit an Emergency Room, you respond to their questions by shooting them your DATA.

When you register your kid for kindergarten, instead of bringing a folder filled with papers, you shoot them your DATA.



We make your DATA ready to use when you need it.


We package it and put it on your cell phone. It is ready for use when you need it. You do not want anyone to waste your time collecting it, nor get it wrong once they do.

It’s your DATA … ready when you need it.

You can be prepared. Get started … DOWNLOAD now.