Practice Today (Professional)

Shared almost free of charge with our community of medical students, residents and postdocs, Practice Today (Pro) is full-featured practice management software capable of running all aspects of any medical office. Each user has their own personal practice management system running on their own personal computer or cloud space.

Scheduling, billing, medical records, labs … if it is done in a medical practice, you can manage it with Practice Today (Pro). You should never again craft a medical note by hand, nor fax a medical record across town.

Nothing is left out, nor held back. There are ZERO ads. There are only three restrictions. You can only enter 1,000 patients, ePrescribing is disabled, and the free version is strictly single user. If you ever bump up against that ceiling, require ePrescribing or multi-user connectivity, don’t worry. We have a solution to accommodate any budget.

With one simple download, you will be able to enjoy practice management software designed by people just like you, for people just like you.

We believe our software is much like a Tesla, simply awesome. Or a Benz, if that’s how you roll. We also believe that if you were invited to this webpage, you only have a “learner’s permit” and nothing to drive, so to speak. We have a plan to help you through that learning curve.

We want you to be happy, and we want our software to deliver everything you imagine a Tesla to be … a joyful machine that puts hours of pleasure back into your day.

This can only happen with the proper training. We will help you through your learning curve. We will show you how to truly reduce your workload, and how to stay safe on the healthcare highway.

Who Chooses Practice Today (Pro)?

Medical students, residents, and postdocs who are simply fed-up with the epic overreach of under-performing gargantuan software. Try us. You will like us. Why? Because we listen well, and we have the tools to turn your thoughts into practice. We have been doing this for decades.

Practice Today (Pro) is also the perfect start for a virtual practice. If you like us, you will stay with us. If you don’t, then you have protected your investment (and yes … every keystroke is an investment) because ALL of your data is openly accessible to port anywhere you choose. That’s how we roll. Frank, friendly, and truthful upfront.

We will work to be your best friend in business. And yes, you are in business whether you know it or not. What’s your product? Your time and your energy. You are in the business of NOT wasting either. We will help you carefully manage both and use in a manner that pleases your heart.

Welcome aboard … and let’s get started … contact us NOW.