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Practice Today (Personal) will run on a Windows 10+ machine – tablet, laptop, desktop, or in the cloud. A cloud platform will require an additional small software purchase. Contact us for details.

Practice Today (Personal) will also run on a Mac if you have a co-resident VM Windows platform.

Click the button below to download Practice Today (Personal) from our Asset Manager.

Nothing to Download

There is nothing to download. There is nothing to install.

We do it all for you. You just simply point your browser to:

Enter your email and password.

All of your patient submissions and check-ins are available for review.

One more thought … Just because you use the DOCTOR side of our software … does not mean you cannot use the PATIENT side of our software for your personal info. You can download the PATIENT desktop and mobile app by clicking the PATIENT on our home page. Show your patients that you “walk the walk”.

If you would like to explore Practice Today (Personal), here is a download link.