Interoperability solved by worker bee

In response to “Procuring Interoperability” just published by the
National Academy of Medicine, the ONC Workshop on Interoperability,
and the AMIA Interoperability Debate, this worker bee would
like to share her solution to interoperability.

I have prepared three detailed videos where I prove interoperability
is alive and well.

Exporting patient data – (12 minutes) –

Transporting patient data – (4 minutes) –

Importing patient data – (10 minutes) –

In short, I can take a patient’s ENTIRE electronic health record and:
wrap it, post it to the patient portal, sign it, encrypt it, send it,
receive it, decrypt it, import it, reconcile it, and then use it on the target machine.

I have a quantitative metric that details the accuracy
of the transaction.