Practice Today (Laptop)

Practice Today (Laptop) is a software application that will capture the “digital” YOU in an easy-to-use format so you can transfer it to your cell phone.

Why would I ever need the “digital” ME on my cell phone instead of in the “cloud”?

Great question.

Consider the following situation.

You are standing in an Emergency Room with an injured child. The triage nurse hands you a clipboard requesting your medical information, as your injured child is being wheeled away.

A clipboard. YES, you are handed a clipboard while your screaming child is being taken away behind closed doors with total strangers.

Instantly, you reach into your back pocket for your cell phone. You open the Practice Today (Mobile App) with your finger scan.

You select “Medical Info”.

You select “Detailed” medical record for your injured child. Yes, you are an incredibly insightful parent, and you have placed your child’s medical record on YOUR cell phone.

You notice a sign on the wall that displays the DestinationID for the triage station. You click “SEND” and enter the DestinationID.

You click “Confirm”.

You just sent your child’s complete medical record to the triage station. The attendant simply clicks VIEW on her workstation, and everything she needs is at her fingertips.

This took a total of ten seconds.

Let’s examine what just happened. Your injured child is no longer a stranger to the medical staff. They have everything they need to know about your child, you, and your insurance. You can now go comfort your child.

Let’s take a look at what you just sent to the triage station’s DestinationID.

Click here.

They know your details (name, address, phone number, employer etc). They know your insurance details (company, subscriber ID#). They even have an image of your insurance cards. They know your child’s complete medical history, including allergies, medications, diagnoses. They know your Primary Care Physician details, and the name of every other physician that has cared for your child since the beginning of time. They know the last time your child had a MRI. The list goes on and on, because you took the time to prepare for this moment.

If that medical record had been stored in the “cloud”, instead of your back pocket, then how many angels would you have had to rely upon? The WiFi angel, who is occasionally temperamental . The cloud gateway angel. The username angel. The password angel. The reset-password angel, because the password angel was on vacation. Do you see the point? You need all of these angels to line-up to get your “cloud” medical record to the triage nurse.

In this scenario, “back pocket” beats the “cloud” hands down.

Let’s consider another situation.

Imagine for a minute, that you have been hit by the full force of mother nature. You are standing in front of rubble that was once your home. Your family stands beside you. You have nothing but the clothes on your back.

Take a deep breath. You must lead your family out of this devastation, before real depression sets in.

Thinking like a leader, what information will you need? What comes to mind?

Basic info – You will need the complete demographics for each member of your family. Name, relation, birth-date, social security number, sex … you can imagine all the info that FEMA and the Red Cross are going to require.

Medical information – You will need complete medical records for each member of your family. You cannot count on those records being available from anyone or anywhere else in a timely fashion. Remember what happened to Paradise, California and Panama City, Florida, The entire city was erased, and I suspect, many patient medical records along with it.

You might want DNA data for each member of your family. God forbid that you should ever need it, but we will add it to the list anyway.

Employment information – You will need complete employment records for each working member of your family. That includes dates, employers, addresses, references, awards, bonuses. Everything. Why? Because you might have to ask someone for a job, and you want to be prepared as though you have been waiting for that job all your life.

Education information – You will need complete education records for each member of your family that spent time in any school. That includes dates, schools, addresses, transcripts, references, awards. And, I’m not just talking about your kids. I’m also talking about YOU too. If one day you have a home and a job, and the next day you have neither home nor job, you just might have to return to school to get on with your life. You never know.

Financial information – You will need complete financial records for every dollar that comes in and goes out of your life. I’m not just talking about a list of credit cards. We need a complete list of all your recurring bills like Netflix, Cable, utilities, gardener. There are so many more, especially bills that will quietly grab money out of your pocket whether your house is standing or not. We want to be able to suspend or terminate these services if we need to.

Documents and Images – You will need a copy of all your important documents. The deed to your house, the title to your car, your marriage license, your family birth certificates, the list goes on and on.

Now that we have made a list of the “BIG SIX” categories, you need a tool to help you gather all this information, sort it out, and prepare it in a format that is easily accessible. Then, allow you to put that information on your cell phone, under lock and key, accessible only by you, when you need it.

“Why on my cell phone, and not in the cloud?”, you ask again.

  • Because all of the Katrina families sitting in the Super Dome did not have a “cloud” to access.
  • Because the families of Paradise, California did not have a “cloud” to access until days after their tragedy.
  • Because it is difficult to find the “cloud” when you are traumatized, let alone remember your username and password.

That tool is call Practice Today (Desktop). This webpage is your gateway.

Let’s get started …

Simply click “Buy Now” and a tab will open for PayLoadz, our asset manager. You will be prompted to pay a $2.99 fee, and a download link will be provided.

If this software can do all of what you describe above, why is it so cheap?

Great question.

Practice Today (Desktop) costs next to nothing because we believe EVERYONE on planet Earth should have access to this incredible tool. Not just those who can afford to pay more, but especially those who cannot pay more.

Let’s get started collecting the DIGITAL you and store it in a safe place.

Hardware and Software Requirements

Practice Today (Desktop) will run on a Windows 10+ machine, laptop, desktop, or in cloud. It will also run on a Mac if you have a co-resident Windows platform.