Practice Today for Clinical Trials

We have been obsessed with the problem of slow enrollments in clinical trials for years. An article stated: “less than 4% of cancer patients enroll in trials each year, more than 80% of trials fail to meet original enrollment timelines, and nearly 1/3 of trial budgets are spent on recruitment.” Even Siddhartha Mukherjee stated,Enrollment in clinical trials remains very threatened today”.

This should not be the case, because the solution is so simple.

Clinical trials need patients.
Patients are seen by doctors.
Doctors keep medical records.
Medical records can be prepared as a CDA.
Most eligibility statements can be reduced to a SQL query.
When you apply the query against the medical record dataset, qualified patients are identified.
The doctor “consents” the identified patients … and presto … the slow patient enrollment, poorly qualified leads problem is SOLVED.

Solved in MINUTES.