Practice Today (Patient Edition)

Little Girl #1

“Here’s a little mommy & daddy quiz. It’s only 10 questions, and it shouldn’t take you more than a few minutes. Please take the quiz. Do it for me because I know you love me very much. And I love you too.”

Mommy & Daddy Parenting Quiz

1. Your child is missing. You must contact the police. Produce a complete Child Information Record to aid the police in finding your child. Do this in 3 minutes or less.

2. You have a newborn. At what age should your newborn receive each of the following vaccines: DTaP, MMR, Hepatitis B? What are the risks from each of the vaccines?

3. Your ten-month old baby weighs 17 pounds. Is your baby ahead, behind or in the middle? Produce a growth chart with percentiles to support your claim.

4. Produce a copy of your child’s complete immunization record, birth certificate, all reports cards received, and audio file containing “first words ever spoken” in three minutes or less.

5. When was your child’s last doctor’s appointment? What was discussed?

6. List ten developmental tasks every 18-23 month old baby should be able to do.

7. How many hours did your child exercise last month? How many hours were spent watching TV?

8. List all books your child read for enrichment in the last six months.

9. List all medications your child has taken in the last year.

10. A hurricane is imminent. You must vacate your home immediately. You have three minutes. Other than your child, what do you take?

Let’s calculate your score. Give yourself one point for each of the ten tasks you can perform.

Deduct one point if any task would take you more than three minutes to perform.

What is your score?


0 to 9 points – Shame on you. You need Practice Today (Patient Edition) immediately. Practice Today will help you perform every task in seconds!

10 points – You are an excellent parent and you are already using Practice Today (Patient). Share this with a friend.

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