For Doctors

Do you have ZERO BUDGET?

Try our “Download Only” option. It is absolutely FREE. It is not the best choice if the GOAL is to eliminate PAPER … but it’s FREE.

This option will allow your patients to download the Medical In-Take Short Form from your DestinationID, auto-fill it, print it out, and carry it into your office. This option does not allow the patient to send forms to you electronically. This means you are still dealing with paper.

Paper is never good for your bottom line. This method does not encourage the patient’s participation. They have to do all of the work. Download the form, fill-out the form, print the from, then remember to bring the form with them to your office. If they forget the form, you are back to square one, the clipboard!

Afford your patients the convenience of submitting their forms online. Select one of the paid subscription plans above and receive your forms electronically. All paid subscription plans include electronic submission.

Remember … the GOAL is to eliminate PAPER.

If you would still like the “Download Only” option, sign-up for your DestinationID and select the “Download Only” option in your User Profile.