We disclose our pricing because we have nothing to hide, and we believe our fees are fair. Why should you have to speak with a salesperson to find out our bottom line? You should be provided with all the information you need to make an informed decision on your own, without being subjected to a sales funnel. That's how we roll. BUT ... if you have a question, please do not hesitate to call us at (888) 881-0038.

Practice Today Pricing (Pro) (Pro+) (Enterprise)
Software Features
Full featured Practice Today software; we do not subject you to ads, we do not do modules ... EVER
Certification Certificate for Practice Today (pending - expected Dec 2018)
Support Methods
PT Forum
Email PT Support Team
PT Telephone Support - always stateside
# of Telephone Support calls per month. This does not include calls during installation and initial training 10+ a few 10+ a few 40+ a few
Support Hours 6AM ET - 6PM PT 6AM ET - 6PM PT 24/7 with an assigned Support Technician
Cost for addition Telephone Support call call call
Download our Simple Support Agreement
Practice Today Pricing
Subscription Billing - no contract (Pro)
$350 per month
$995 per month
$995 per week
Annual Billing (Pro)
$3,600 per year
$10,000 per year
$48,000 per year
Setup Fee for a lapse in subscription, per incident (Pro)
Multi-User Upgrade
Maximum # of additional users 5-users 15-users unlimited
Cost of additional users - a one time cost $695 for a 5-user license $1,895 for a 15-user license call for pricing
Patient Portal
Maximum # of Patient Portal users 5,000 users 10,000 users Unlimited
Subscription pricing for Patient Portal (Pro)
$250 per month
$500 per month
$1,000 per month
Hosting of Patient Portal Your AWS account Your AWS account Your AWS account
Practice Today (Board)
Board Member Details (Pro)
$9,995 per year
$9,995 per year
Other Practice Today Products
Practice Today Mentor $395
Plan B - Provider Edition (Pro)
$995 per year
Plan B - Patient Edition (Pro)
$99 per year
Practice Today (Community Edition) $9,995 per year