Practice Today (Mentor)


A medical practice is a business. Practice Today (Mentor) will provide you with tools to  manage the business side of your practice, and a mentor to teach you how to use them. I will help you help yourself, as you help others.



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Spend twenty minutes with me on-line for each of the next twelve weeks … you will remember me for the rest of your life … in a good way.

When does the next class start?  September 30th

What is the objective of this class?

I will help you work on your practice. That is a very different skill set than working in your practice.

How does this work?

I will provide you with access to my “Practice Portal”. Once a week for twelve weeks, you will login and view a twenty-minute video podcast. There will be a new podcast each week. Please enter any comments or questions and click submit at the end of the podcast. You can login anytime during the week. You can view the podcast more than once. But I ask that you not share our podcasts with others.

In addition to the weekly podcast, every week I will have a live Q&A that will address your accumulated questions and comments. This session will last a long as needed to answer all your questions. This discussion will be recorded and made available the next week as a Q&A podcast. Don’t worry if you miss the live Q&A.

Each weekly podcast will appear on Sunday morning, and disappear the following Saturday at midnight. I want to encourage you to participate each week, and not wait to cram everything in during the twelfth week.

These discussions will solve real medical problems. I will provide you with real medical software that will solve the problems discusses. This software is yours to keep, no charge. It is the product of my thirty-four years of experience helping physicians.

It is important to note that all solutions presented work outside of whatever EHR you are currently using. It is NOT my intention to persuade you to change anything. I just want you to add new resources to your toolkit.