Read Me First

What does Practice Today App do for you?

This mobile application will carry your critical medical, financial, educational, and other types of data with you, securely on your mobile phone. You can fill out and forward forms with your personal data to medical and other professional service-providers of your choice. These service-providers are identified by their destination-id.

You can fill out the details of your personal data using a desktop application, the Practice Today Personal program.

Register on Website or PC

You register with the data server so that your personal information is protected, and delivered only to you and/or those medical and professional service-providers that you designate.


On Website

You can register on the web at Register User.

Using this method gets you into the data server so that you can perform certain operations, such as remotely checking for an appointment, but you will not be able to maintain your personal data there. That is maintained only on your desktop application with Practice Today Personal.

Required Fields

Either way you choose to register with Practice Today, the following fields are required.

  • First name, Last name
  • Email address
    • Required to help validate your identity with the data server.
    • This email address is the login identifier for both the mobile and desktop.
  • Password
    • The same password is used to log into the mobile and desktop application.
  • Mobile number
    • Required to deliver your data to your mobile, as well as helping to validate your identity with the data server.

Downloading the Desktop Application

  1. Go to
  2. Download and install ptoday_setup.exe

What are Destination IDs?

Your service-provider will provide you with their Destination ID associated with Practice Today.

Enter your vital data with the Desktop Application

The desktop application, Practice Today Personal, is a convenient way to enter all the personal data you want to save and send to your mobile and/or service-providers. You can fill in forms specifically for particular service-providers, upload them to your mobile or directly to them, and upload all you data to your mobile to be filled into service-provider specific forms and then forwarded from there.