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To be successful at selling, you must BELIEVE in the product.

To believe in the product, you must KNOW the product.

To know the product, you must first USE the product.

Let’s get started. Get to know Practice Today.

If you would like to become a member of our sales team, you must do some homework on your own.

Download our software, follow the videos, gather your data, create a DestinationID, and then send yourself a few forms. This can be done with a few hours of effort. We are here for you if you have any questions.

Next, pretend you are a doctor, receiving the Medical Intake Form in your office. Pretend you are a school Registrar, receiving a Kindergarten Registration Form. Pretend you are an employer, receiving an employment application.

Walk through each of these scenarios with Practice Today, sending yourself forms. You can easily do that because DestinationID Registration is simple, and free for the first 25 forms. Remember, you will help your sales prospects do the same.

Envision this … You help your sales prospect create their personalized DestinationID on our website. Then you say, “Wait a minute, let me send you my Medical Intake Form”. Using your cell, you send your sample Medical Intake Form to their new DestinationID.

Your sales prospect has your data in seconds. Can you see the sale starting to close? Can you see the “value add” with receiving this form in seconds, completely filled out – without errors?

You must decide: “Is this a value proposition? Is this a service someone would pay for? Is this something I could pour my heart and soul into selling, and make tons of money?”

If your response to these questions is a tepid “yes”, then this is not the job for you. We wish you well.

If you can answer with a resounding “YES”, then the application process has already begun.

There are three steps.

    1. Complete a Sales Associate registration form. Here is the link:
    2. Complete a Sales Associate “Request for Interview” form.
      Download from DestinationID “PTODAY”
    3. Schedule your interview when you receive your email invitation. We want to know that you understand our product and see how you handle yourself over the phone. If you do sales on a daily basis, this interview will be a breeze.Upon successful completion of the interview, you can start selling!

That’s it … Download now.


What about the MONEY?

Please understand that this is a COMMISSION ONLY sales position. If you make a sale, you will receive 20% of the funds paid during the first year from that sale. Most of our sales are subscriptions, paid on a monthly basis. The good news is … you will receive 20% of the subscription fees paid for ONE YEAR. The bad news is … If the subscription is cancelled, so are your remaining commissions.

Let’s look at some numbers.

A doctor subscribes to our BASIC Plan. He pays $299 per month. 20% of that is $59.80 paid to you, when we receive the doctor’s payment. If the doctor keeps the plan for eleven more months, then that is $59.80 in your pocket each of those eleven months. Hurrah!! That is a total of $717.60 from that ONE sale.

Another example. A school subscribes to our ANNUAL Promo Plan. The school pays us $995 up front for that one year. 20% of that is $199. That is your total commission for that sale. You will receive it when we get paid.

Another example. You convince a national employment service to Reserve their DestinationID at $7,200 per year, and to subscribe to our Professional Plan, at $1995 per month. (Note: Reserving a DestinationID is much like having a domain name that no one else can add to. For example, if you reserve “HARVARD”, no one can request “HARVARDUNIV” or “HARVARDSUCKS”. All DestinationIDs that begin with “HARVARD” will belong to that Company, for as long as they renew the service.)

You will receive the following commission from this sales scenario:

Your total first month’s commission would be:
$1,440 (20% of $7,200) plus $399 (20% of $1995) = $1,839

You will also receive $399 each month for the following eleven months, totaling $4,389.

The total commissions for this sales scenario would be $6,228.00

MONEY is an awesome motivator.

Can I work from home?

Yes !