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It is all about the numbers.

Your clipboard is costing you TWICE its weight in GOLD.

Offering your patients a clipboard or an electronic tablet requires a human “assist”. A person sitting behind the counter must at least hand the patient the clipboard or tablet and retrieve it when done.

The information does not leap into the computer on its own!

The following simple tasks take about five minutes:

Print the form.

Load the clipboard.

Hand the clipboard to the patient.

Retrieve the clipboard from the patient, type the new information into your EHR or scan it.

An electronic tablet takes a similar amount of time. A clipboard requires at least five minutes of time from a human being.

Let us say you are paying the front desk person $20 per hour. Five minutes at $20 per hour costs you about $1.67 for each patient encounter.

If you see 40 patients per day, that task would total around $67 per day.

Multiply this by five days per week, and fifty-two weeks per year.

The simple task of using a clipboard or tablet to collect patient information is costing you $17,420 per year. Let me repeat that, $17,420 per year. This is just your staff’s time. It does not include the cost of the electronic tablets, paper, printer ink, pens, and clipboards.

The numbers are simple.

There is a better way. A way that will put thousands of dollars back in your pocket and will cost you next to nothing!

You need an electronic, HIPAA compliant mailbox. Let’s call it a DestinationID. This mailbox will accept your patient’s electronic in-take forms. It’s just like an electronic clipboard.

You tell your patients your DestinationID. They download the FREE app that will allow them to gather their personal information. Then they can submit electronic forms to your DestinationID whenever they need to. They can submit forms from their cell phone or laptop. Their information gets to you without anyone touching pen, paper, or clipboard. It’s check-in with zero effort. Your patients will appreciate not having to manually complete another repetitive form.

What’s the return on your investment?

For $199 per month, you can save $17,420 per year. The savings to you is $15,032 per year. If all your patients use your DestinationID, that’s a return on investment of 629%. If only SIX patients per day use your DestinationID, you break even. Every additional patient is pure profit.

How do we get your patients to use your DestinationID?

Easy. It saves them both TIME and MONEY. It eliminates a boring and repetitive task. They only have to enter their information once into the FREE software. Then, their information is ready to send to any medical facility. It’s just a few clicks away.

Our website has videos to encourage their participation.

Try us for one month and see. We will help you get your patients on board. We will provide you with a three-step Action Plan to encourage your patients to go electronic. They hate the clipboard too. Let us help you help them help you.

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Oh yes … remember we told you we could PROVE your clipboard cost TWICE its weight in GOLD? Here’s the proof.

A clipboard weighs about five ounces.

The price for an ounce of gold in July of 2020 was $1,784.

So, a five-ounce golden clipboard was worth $8,920.

The staff time needed to service the clipboard costs you $17,420.

That’s TWICE as much as the value of a five-ounce golden clipboard.

In other words, you are paying TWICE the clipboard’s weight in GOLD just to use it. And you are doing this every year.